1020 - Vent pipe

2x1 meters. Ø75 mm. White.

Includes 2 wall mounts.


For routing the ventilation higher up and/or further away from the toilet.  The venting pipe can be routed through a wall or the roof. It is always easier to go straight through the wall. When routing the venting pipe through the roof, the work is more difficult, as is ensuring good seals. Remember not to route the venting pipe to the house entrance or other places where people gather.


Please Note!

Make sure all joints are carefully sealed with silicone.


The Villa 9000 can be installed without any restrictions as to length or the number of 90° connector pipes, for example, up into a cold loft or through a suitable side of the building.


For Villa 9010 with a 12V fan, we recommend a maximum of two 90° connector pipes.


The Separett Villa has a “condensation collector” and does not need to be insulated.




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